Fire Protection

Pace offers over 25 years of experience in fire protection across a multitude of industries.

Fire Protection


Fire protection is the critical piece behind every building owner’s responsibility to protect its occupants. With the ever-changing NYC fire codes and local laws, it’s essential to have a team you can trust to keep you compliant through both the design-build of your building as well as during and after construction or renovation.

Pace’s Fire Protection division brings an experienced team of over 25+ years in life-safety services, including having licensed fire suppression specialists on staff. In Pace, you get a comprehensive team of experts who can handle projects of any size. In preparing for the construction of a new building or renovation, Pace will help you understand the checklist of fire protection requirements so that you can avoid costly surprises and ensure your building’s life safety needs are covered. Because the landscape is ever-changing, we are constantly going for additional training to make sure our team is fluent and well-versed in the most recent changes in NYC fire codes so that you can rest assured you are compliant at all times. To us, the safety of your building and its occupants is paramount.

Pace’s experience goes beyond a single niche and includes multi-faceted public works, healthcare, life sciences, industrial, commercial, and residential projects of all sizes.

By the Numbers


Our Fire Protection Division has been keeping NYC safe for over 25 years.


Sprinkler heads are installed every year by our Fire Protection Division.


We help protect over 250,000 square feet a month.


Pace is a company made up of quality and knowledgeable people, which I can highly recommend for your fire and life safety needs. I found Peter Mirz and his team to be professional with all aspects of installing a code-compliant system in my last project.

Andrew Stone, Sr. Project Manager

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What is your bonding capacity?

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What fire protection services does Pace offer?

We offer NFPA 25, Pre Action, Foam Systems, Kitchen Hood, Fire Pump, 5 year tests, and more.

How does Pace keep records of inspections and service history?

Pace retains all inspections and permits in a database to ensure we have access to it when needed.

How much experience does Pace have? Are the Pace technicians certified?

Pace has over 25 years of experience. All of our technicians are trained in-house.

What is Pace's process for determining an estimate?

Every job is different. We have the capability of providing an estimate from drawings or by scheduling an visit to determine the project requirements.

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