100 Nicholls Road. Stony Brook, NY 10017

SUNY Stony Brook COVID-19 Alternative Care Facility

"Pace worked day and night and mobilized within 48 hours when called for this design-build emergency project to assist the US Army Corps. of Engineers and Turner Construction Company. The great instability our country was feeling at the time gave our team the rallying cry to help in any way we could. It was an honor to assist in the preparation of the facility for life safety services the way we did. 5 temporary tents were installed in less than 10 calendar days totaling just under 5 miles of fire sprinkler piping and fire sprinkler heads.” - Peter Mirz, Director of Fire Protection

Project Details
  • Five climate-controlled structures were completed by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers to provide SBU Hospital and other local medical centers with more beds due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 1,000-bed facility, 255,676 square feet
  • Fire protection design and installation in under two weeks
  • Complete fire protection installation: Fire sprinkler system
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