Safety Commitment

Safety Isn't Expensive,
It's Priceless.

Nothing Is More Important Than Safety

Pace strives to maintain an impeccable safety record through our culture. We know that everyone is responsible when it comes to safety, and through awareness, prevention, and best practices, we can save lives.
Pace completes training for 100% of our field personnel annually. In an ongoing effort to ensure safe workplaces, Pace instituted requiring all field employees to have a minimum OSHA 30 certification and continues to expand our requirements through lessons learned and best practices.

"We want our people to work hard AND be able to go home to their families at night, every night." - Jon Lancellotti

The Commitment to Safety Starts at the Top

The Pace safety committee is led by Adam Levy, Michael Klingher, Jon Lancellotti, and the directors of operations of each department.

A commitment to safety starts at the top and works its way down. We meet monthly to discuss lessons-learned, new best practices, and ensure we are empowering our tradesmen to enforce our commitment. We endeavor to walk each job monthly.

Safety is a culture, and we strive for continuous growth and innovation. To demonstrate this commitment, we instituted an incentive program to increase awareness of safety's importance and ensure our investment impacts the lives of our tradesman and avoids safety related incidents on the projects we service.

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